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Jon is a Screenwriter/TV Writer with a scorching case of Adult Onset Queer.🌈

He loves writing genre, specifically action/adventure, sci-fi and fantasy. 

His stories are almost always about feeling like an outsider, finding and choosing your own found family, featuring people who should never have been the hero being thrust into the spotlight and having to learn, maybe they're not the piece of shit they always thought they were.

Full Bio


Emmy Award

Girl Stuff (Short)


• Best of Fest - WINNER

• Best Trailer  - WINNER
Sherman Oaks Film Festival
• Best Cast - WINNER

• Best Short - WINNER
LA Women in FilmFest
• Official Selection

• EVGA Commercial Contest WINNER

• YouTube AdBlitz SuperBowl commercial comp. WINNER

• GI Film Festival - FACING THE ENEMY - Official Selection
• Kit's Revenge – Z-Fest - Official Selection​

YouTube Channnels

• FXated • Corridor Digital • Mars Rising Films • Corridor Crew • Muscles Glasses •

Work & Awards



TV Writer/Screenwriter with a scorching case of Adult Onset Queer and a penchant for hyperbole.🌈


Jon has been writing and directing for 15 years and spent 8 of those years making over 200 episodes of multiple web series, many of which included exploding heads! With a skeleton crew of 2-20, he took the lead as writer/producer/director, but also edited and created visual effects for most of those. Typically he helmed 2-4 episodes every month, and was in charge of everything from concept to upload.


He’s also written and/or directed 7 short films. His most recent foray, “Girl Stuff”, which he directed & edited, played at 4 film festivals and won 4 awards. He also won the YouTube AdBlitz Superbowl Commercial Competition where his commercial was played during the YouTube half time show. His ambitious science fiction action movie, Kit’s Revenge (based in the world of Seven Scoundrels) was selected for the Z-Fest film festival. And his his WWII short film, “Facing the Enemy” was an official selection for the G.I. Film Festival in Washington D.C. 


In addition to being behind the camera, Jon has worked as an actor on many projects as well as performing as a voiceover artist.


Sure, Jon writes action/adventure/sci-fi but he needs humor in his drama (or drama in his humor?) He likes to get you laughing and then hit you with the signature Enge gut-punch.

His thriller feature, “Getting Away” was once described as “Part ‘Pretty in Pink,’ Part ‘Misery’” and there’s nothing that makes him prouder. That script

Jon Enge Writer/Director

was optioned twice and greenlit once (how that fell through is a hilarious story, just ask.)


His feature “Out of Reach” went through development twice.


On top of that, he spent 20 years performing in various roles at the Southern California Renaissance Faire. Most of which was spent in a comedy band singing dirty songs with The Poxy Boggards where he shared a songwriting award with his friend Stu Venable for the song “Hey Nonny Nonny.” In addition to singing, Jon also  plays the guitar, mandolin and the accordion.


Jon’s unique perspective from growing up as a low-income family in a rich kid town, a queer kid in a time where that was not accepted, left him an outcast... and he wouldn’t have it any other way. That perspective is ever-present in his writing where he likes to tackle themes such as found family, rejection, loneliness and hope... there’s always hope.

Writing Samples




When 300 lb Dante's eating disorder lands him in the hospital, he starts on the road to recovery kicking and screaming, rebuilding his life one relationship at a time.





Conscripted by an Intergalactic Spy Network, a rag-tag group of criminals set out to eradicate the gangsters they used to work for, but when the job goes bad and their commander is killed, they must work together to stay one step ahead of the operatives trying to wipe them out.

murder mike poster 2_edited.jpg



Weary of working for bad guys, a magic-obsessed assassin finds new meaning in life when he resolves to use his skills to help the less fortunate in real need... of a killer.




(under $1m)

An abused young man meets an outcast who shares his desire to escape their small town. With her help he must overcome his abusive mother’s stranglehold to become truly free, but when their plan goes awry, things tumble out of control and lead to murder.

Writing Samples
Life Experience
jon faire.jpg


Adopted as a baby, met my birth mother & fam 10 years ago, just met my father's side Feb 2021.

Dungeon Master since I was 10.

Film editor - 15 years.

Visual Effects Artist - 9 years.

Special Effects Artist

Worked in props & costumes.

Radio DJ.

20 years working the renaissance faire.
(Where I learned to sew)

11 years in a comedy band, appeared on 7 albums, won 1 songwriting award.

Recovering from food addiction.

Lost 200 lbs.

5 years as a Tournament Paintball player & ref.
Designed paintball gear for clothing co.

Adult Onset Queer.


jon enge directing director greenscreen.jpg

"I don't know, I'm making it up as I go"

- Henry Jones Jr.

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