About Me


Jon Enge has been a Writer/Director/Producer of film, commercials, music videos and digital content for the last 15 years. He currently lives in Los Angeles and was born in southern California but spent much of his life going back and forth between the Midwest and west coast. California boy, Minnesota heart.

For the past 10 years Jon has been writing, directing & producing web series in addition to writing and developing his own short films, as well as working on feature films and television series. He likes to write about themes such as addiction, found family, putting your life back together, all couched in a crunchy candy shell of action/adventure and sci-fi.

Jon’s feature, “Getting Away” came off two rounds of options and his feature, “Out of Reach” has caught the eyes of producers.

Right now his concentration is to take the next step into writing for television, getting to know the ropes and bringing the skills he’s developed over the last 15 years to help make whatever show he’s on the best it can be.

Aside from his skills, Jon is known as a real cheerleader, a team player who is willing to jump in wherever he can and do whatever it takes to help the team.

Awards & Nominations

Girl Stuff (Short)


Best of Fest - WINNER

Best Trailer  - WINNER


Other Awards

EVGA Commercial Contest – WINNER

YouTube AdBlitz Super Bowl commercial competition – WINNER

GI Film Festival - Official Selection